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Wildlife Alliance





Since its inception in 1994 as the Global Survival Network, the organization now known as Wildlife Alliance has worked with local governments, communities and other like-minded non-governmental organizations to implement cutting edge programs in Southeast Asia, Russia, South America and the Western Pacific. These programs aim to conserve the environment and stop the illegal wildlife trade by directly protecting wildlife in the field, reducing consumer demand for wildlife, and providing alternative livelihoods for local communities.

Wildlife Alliance Accomplishments:

Protecting Rainforests & Watersheds:
The Southern Cardamom Mountain range, located in the Southwestern tip of Cambodia, is home to 14 globally endangered species including the Indochinese tiger, the pileated gibbon, the Siamese crocodile, the Royal turtle, and the Asiatic black bear and Sun bear, as well as half of Cambodia’s bird species.  To protect the Cardamoms, Wildlife Alliance works with Cambodian government agencies to train and equip forest rangers to stop forest fires, land grabbing and poaching. Wildlife Alliance has also engaged in numerous reforestation projects.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation:
The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team rescues animals from poachers and sellers, confiscates illegal products made from wildlife, and prosecutes criminals. Since 2001, Wildlife Alliance has rescued more than 40,000 animals from poachers and illegal wildlife traders, and has dramatically driven down the buying and selling of wildlife in Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia.

Wildlife Alliance investigates the poaching of Cambodia's Tigers.

Sustainable Livelihoods:
Wildlife Alliance's community-based agriculture and ecotourism programs have helped communities reverse the cycle of poverty by providing sustainable incomes to villagers so that they have alternatives to poaching, slash-and-burn farming and illegal logging.

Environmental Education:
In 2004 Wildlife Alliance launched the Kouprey Express mobile environmental education unit to teach Cambodian children and families about wildlife conservation and forestry laws and help them manage their resources while protecting areas rich in biodiversity. The Kouprey Express is a bus outfitted with engaging and interactive education and outreach tools that travels throughout rural Cambodia to villages, schools, and community centers.

To learn more about Wildlife Alliance’s programs and achievements, click here.

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