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SOS Rhino





SOS Rhino is a non-profit, international foundation that works to preserve the five rhinoceros species in the wild. Its conservation efforts combine marketing, research, education and advocacy to create a sustainable rhinoceros population. In addition, SOS Rhino develops and funds conservation and awareness programs that provide countries with the knowledge and tools to be involved in saving the rhinoceros species. SOS Rhino, founded by Dr. first name/?Schaffer, has a dedicated team of conservationists that have efficiently and successfully furthered the understanding of four of the five rhinoceros species. This work led to the first captive-bred Sumatran rhino birth in 112 years at the Cincinnati Zoo in September 2001.

SOS Rhino Accomplishments

Sumatran Rhino Program: Due to shrinking habitats and constant poaching, SOS Rhino is helping to save one of the last populations of the Sumatran rhino on the island of Borneo. SOS Rhino responded to a request by the Malaysian government's Sabah Wildlife Department to assist their Rhino Protection Units in evaluating the fertility potential within their captive animals. In addition to conducting research, they involved plantation owners and villages outside the rhino reserve by instituting ecotourism. Working together, SOS Rhino and the Sabah Wildlife Department have successfully increased the Sumatran rhino population to more than 300 individuals.

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Borneo Rhino Program:

In 1998, SOS Rhino began working in Sabah to save the Sumatran rhino population. In 2003, SOS Rhino Borneo was established as a local NGO that will remain in Sabah and work with the Sabah government. Major activities include maintenance of the existing rhino protection units in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve, along with research, community outreach, and other support for the Borneo rhinoceros.

See one of the first footages of a Sumatran Rhino on Borneo

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