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Red Wolf Coalition





Established in 1997, the Red Wolf Coalition is a non-profit organization based in North Carolina that focuses on the conservation of the red wolf in the wild. The Red Wolf Coalition offers programs and materials that educate and increase the public's understanding of the red wolf and endangered species recovery. The Red Wolf Coalition also works with outside conservation organizations and (not a conservation org but govt) the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Red Wolf Recovery Program, to stay informed and participate in ensuring the long-term survival of wild red wolf populations.

Red Wolf Coalition Accomplishments

The Red Wolf Coalition publishes a newsletter, Red Wolf Tracker, both electronically and in print. The newsletter is part of a plan to offer materials to increase knowledge of red wolves and explain how to get involved in conserving them. The Red Wolf Coalition also helps to make available Far Traveler, a teacher's curriculum about red wolves used in public school and home school settings, in North Carolina and other states/?. In addition, separate articles have been published in magazines, newspapers, and individually what's that mean? to increase public awareness. The Red Wolf Coalition has recently launched a $100,000 capital campaign for fencing materials to surround a natural habitat for captive red wolves at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Education and Veterinary Facility on the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge near Columbia, North Carolina.

Take a look at a Red Wolf released into wild at Columbia, North Carolina

Red Wolf Center:

The Red Wolf Coalition created the Red Wolf Center, a conservation center which focuses on working locally and regionally on integrating the red wolf into the community. This sounds odd. Do you mean working locally and regionally to educate local communities about the red wolf?  The center offers a hands-on approach to teaching about the conservation of the red wolf, and will also contribute a strong political voice. The Red Wolf Coalition aims to create a natural, sustainably green center that will become an eco-destination in the future.

Learn more about the red wolf at the North Carolina Zoo

Watch a preview of the Red Wolf Howlings Safari

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