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Project Golden Frog





Established in 1999 by a group of concerned biologists, Project Golden Frog works in the Republic of Panama and the United States as a conservation association among scientific, educational, and zoological institutions. Project Golden Frog aims to restore the golden frog population by conserving habitat, educating the public and breeding in captivity.  A small organization with steadily improving, effective strategies for conservation, Project Golden Frog gives a $5,000 grant each year to research and conservation management to support its goals.

Project Golden Frog Accomplishments

Atelopus Conservation Trust: Project Golden Frog created the Atelopus Conservation Trust grant in 2007 to help support conservation management and increased knowledge of all harlequin frog species. With grants of at least $5,000, their work has been focused on not only preserving habitat, but also education and opportunities to offer support.. The trust has been successful in increasing awareness of and support for the well-being of multiple harlequin frog species. Donations given to Project Golden Frog go towards the Atelopus Conservation Trust and the Global Conservation Network to support the activities of the Amphibian Ark & the IUCN/SSC/Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG).

Take a look at a Panamanian Golden Frog

Breeding and Captivity:

Project Golden Frog has extended its work to include capturing and breeding the golden frog and other harlequin frog species to guarantee the continued survival of the species. In 2006 chytridiomycosis, an emerging disease that is depleting populations of this frog and other amphibians, swept habitats in Panama. Therefore, the project created captive populations carefully managed and bred for long-term survival in zoos and aquariums in both Panama and the United States. For now, these captive populations are an insurance policy; they will be introduced into wild habitats should the wild populations of various harlequin frog species continue to decline.

Check out the new Panamanian Golden Frog Exhibit

Watch the Panamanian Golden Frog Tell His Story

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