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Peregrine Fund





Established in 1970, The Peregrine Fund works nationally and internationally to conserve birds of prey in nature. The Peregrine Fund restores species in jeopardy, conserves habitat, educates students, trains conservationists and provides factual information to the public. The Peregrine Fund is a very effective and efficient organization, with 94% of all donations going directly to programs.

Peregrine Fund Accomplishments

Peregrine Falcon: The Peregrine Fund initially developed from the concern that the Peregrine falcon might go extinct in the wild if nothing was done. Their initial work in the early 1970s was to learn how to breed falcons in captivity, with the goal of releasing the young in the wild to re-establish the Peregrine in the eastern United States. They were successful in propagating and releasing the falcons, and not only helped re-establish the Peregrine in the eastern United States, but bolstered the greatly diminished western populations as well.

Watch the Peregrine Falcon Nest Box

Other Birds of Prey:
The Peregrine Fund has extended their work beyond falcons to many birds of prey and has made quite a few accomplishments, including the first successful release of bald eagles and helping save the Mauritius kestrel from extinction. Eagles and other large raptors typically require large natural areas for survival. So measures that conserve birds of prey frequently provide an umbrella of protection for entire ecological communities.

See more on the Peregrine Fund Orange-breasted Falcon Project

Watch the release of a condor after treatment for lead poisoning


How You Can Help

To become a member visit The Peregrine Fund here

Volunteer at the World Center for Birds of Prey, Boise, Idaho

Get involved and follow the The Peregrine Fund blog

Learn more about The Peregrine Fund's current projects

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