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California Condor Conservation





California Condor Conservation works nationally and internationally on the North American continent to conserve the condor, (a bird of prey) and its wild habitat. The California Condor Conservation restores condor populations, conserves habitat, educates students, assists teachers and provides information to the public to create awareness. They are a very effective organization and have partnered with many others, such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and The Peregrine Fund, to further conservation efforts.

California Condor Conservation Accomplishments

California Condor Recovery Program: In 1985, there were only nine condors left in the wild. They were taken into a captive breeding program as part of the California Condor Recovery Program. Seven years later, the California Condor Recovery Team was able to reintroduce them into the wild. They were successful in propagating and releasing the condors, not only helping re-establish them on the west coast of the United States and Mexico, but bringing the species back to the wild.

Take a look at a rescue of California Condors

Baja California Program:

The California Condor Conservation has extended its work to Mexico, teaming up with the San Diego Zoo's Applied Animal Ecology Division in a long-term program to restore the California condor to the mountains of northern Baja California, Mexico. Over the next decade, four to eight condors will be released annually in the Sierra San Pedro de Martir National Park for a total of 20 pairs. This work involves behavioral research to produce the most successful and socially-adept condors, long-term monitoring using radiotelemetry and satellite GPS technology, and studies of environmental carrying capacity. This approach also includes community involvement and ecotourism development.

Watch The Peregrine Fund release a Condor in Arizona

See more with a condor nest update by Ventana Wildlife Society

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