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Pool Your Lawn Resources

Create a sharing program with friends and neighbors to save money and decrease your carbon footprint.

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So you need a lawn mower but you only have a small yard, and justifying a more expensive, but more eco-friendly electric mower seems hard. But wait, instead of sweating the costs, why not go in 50-50 with a neighbor and split the costs and the benefits?

Pooling your resources with friends and/or neighbors can help you lower your expenses while allowing you to keep all the benefits of personally owning an appliance, tool, or toy. Sharing helps us meet our needs more efficiently and at a lower price. For example, a new Remington Cordless PowerMower costs $449.99. Split that two ways and the price is down to about $225 a person. You just bought an eco-friendly mower for about same price as a lower-end gas mower.

Sharing promotes a friendly community feel and can have many other benefits besides just saving money. Many people across the country are sharing their space too, turning garages into neighborhood gyms, food storage spaces, and art studios. Sharing helps lower costs and increase access to benefits you might otherwise not be able to obtain.


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  • Read The Sharing Revolution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life & Build Community, available from Amazon.

  • Visit the ultimate concept of car sharing at Zipcar.


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