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Reduce: Buy Less, Use Less

We can all help ease the world’s growing garbage problem by making thoughtful, careful decisions each day about how much we waste.

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The world’s trash problem begins with the choices we all make every day. If we try to be more environmentally aware with our purchases and practices, we will make a serious dent in the mounting heaps of garbage filling the landfills.

There are a few simple, general guidelines you can follow to reduce your contribution to the world’s waste. If you have a choice of two comparable products, choose the one with less packaging (or, in the case of some produce and other items, no packaging). Whenever possible, buy long-lasting products instead of disposables. Consider buying frequently used products such as soap, laundry detergent, and dishwashing detergent in bulk or in concentrate to reduce unnecessary packaging. Try shopping for bulk merchandise with a friend or family member—that way you can share the goods. Pay attention to how much you actually use of the common products on your shopping list, and buy only that amount. Packaging and material goods are only two aspects of the “reduction” mindset.

We can all make an effort to reduce our use of electricity, water, gasoline, paper, etc. In most cases, cutting back to the basics will simplify your life, creating a more peaceful, more economical, more earth-friendly existence.


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