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Recycle Plastic Products

Recycle plastic and help prevent the waste of over 4.3 billion pounds of plastic products per year.

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Plastic is everywhere.  While it is a huge convenience in our lives, it also creates a major problem: how to get rid of it.  Thankfully, due to advances in recycling technology, we don’t have to—we just need to be educated and committed enough to recycle properly.  Recycling is really very simple; all it takes is a sense of awareness about your waste.

The Container Recycling Institute reports that 4.3 billion pounds of the 2 most common types of plastic were wasted in 2004, while only about 1 billion pounds were recycled—not to mention the 4 other common kinds of plastic we come into contact with daily.  This means each person wastes almost 160 plastic bottles per year.  These staggering facts demonstrate we have a long way to go to raise awareness about the importance of recycling our plastic.  There are many uses for it.  Products made from recycled plastic range from clothing and carpeting to cameras and playground equipment, and scientists are discovering more uses every day.

Recycling is easy once you get into the habit.  Make a conscious effort to pay attention to which bins you throw your bottles and containers into and soon it will become second nature!


Take Action / Next Steps
  • Ready to start recycling your plastic? Sign up for the goal on ecomii Action and track your progress.
  • Carry your own water bottle and reduce plastic waste! Check out this tip from ecomii about the impact of having a reusable water bottle.
  • Support recycling by buying products made of recycled plastic.  The American Chemistry Council put together a great directory of recycled plastic products, so you can find plenty of Earth-friendly merchandise.


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