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Maintain a Leak-Free Pool

Don't waste water in your swimming pool.

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While a pool is great for those sweltering summer days, they can be expensive and work-intensive. Keeping your pool in top shape will make it as efficient, low-maintenance, and inexpensive as possible. Eliminating leaks is an important way to maintain the health of your pool.

Even a small leak in a big pool can waste over 100,000 gallons of water per year. If you notice the water level rapidly dropping in your pool, you might have a leak. Leaks are common either in the shell of the pool itself or in the plumbing of the filtration system. Make sure to check the area around the filter for obvious wet spots and the pipes for clear leaks. Do you lose more water when the filtration system is on? That may be another clue that the problem is in the plumbing or filter.

Sometimes it is unclear whether your loss is due to normal evaporation or a serious leak in the shell. A quick way to test is to fill a five-gallon bucket with water and put it on a step or bench in your pool. Track the water levels of the bucket and the pool. If the water level in the bucket goes down at the same speed as the pool, it's a safe bet evaporation is the cause. If the pool water goes down faster, you may have a leak. Think about hiring a pool leak specialist to investigate and solve the problem.


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  • Think your pool might be leaking? Check out to learn how to detect a leak and find experts near you to solve the problem.


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