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Eliminate Mold in Your Home

Eliminate and prevent mold growth to keep your home healthy and microbe-free.

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Finding oddly colored patches of fungus in the dark reaches of your home is never pleasant. Mold is often found in empty cavities, like wood and drywall, as well as on surfaces where high humidity and little ventilation cause moisture to collect without drying. These corners and unseen surfaces gather moisture from humid air, creating the perfect home for mold, bacterial and other microbes that can cause major health problems, ranging from asthma and allergies to cancer. Luckily, there are easy ways of addressing mold and taking preventative measures to keep your home clean and healthy.

To clean existing mold, wash affected areas thoroughly with soap and water as well as a solution of 10% bleach, some detergent and water and allow the area to dry thoroughly overnight. An easy way to prevent mold growth is by controlling limiting moisture levels inside your home with thorough ventilation in every room, especially the bathroom. Fixing plumbing and leaks around your house, as well as avoiding unattended porous surfaces that easily absorb moisture, like newspaper and carpets in your basement, can prevent mold from growing in the first place, keeping you and your family healthy.


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  • Check out the EPA guide to mold cleanup and prevention.


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