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Choose Natural Carpets

Keep your floors clean with natural fiber carpets and low-VOC sealants

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Carpeting your home is often an unpleasant experience filled with toxic fumes and synthetic fibers that are neither biodegradable nor renewable. Even if that shag carpet feels great against your feet, it is probably also a nesting ground for mold, bacteria, dust and other allergy-causing particles that find its fibers just as comfortable as you do. When deciding to carpet your home, take a look at healthy, natural options for your carpeting material. There are a variety of natural, sustainable fibers available, including wool, which is naturally flame resistant and stain repellent, cotton, seagrass and other materials. You might also opt for recycled-content carpet and/or carpet tiles that are easily replaced instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, where damages are more difficult to treat.

Another factor to consider is carpet backing and the adhesives used to fasten the carpeting. Vinyl backing and other synthetic materials, along with most carpet sealants, contain high levels of toxic chemicals and VOCs that give off dangerous fumes in your home. Look for carpeting that is Green Label-approved by the Carpet and Rug Institue. These products will emit low levels of VOCs, keeping your home and family safe and healthy. Also remember to keep doors and windows open during the installation, and look for green carpet cleaning products to maintain your green carpeting choice.
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  • To look for green carpeting through Green Seal, a nonprofit organization that promotes environmentally responsible products, visit Green Seal


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