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Green Yoga Designers & Spring Styles: Conscious clothing you can wear both on and off the mat.
By Latham Thomas

Companies like Hyde Yoga, Prana, and  Oxum Wear are designing eco-friendly looks that many consumers are wearing off the mat and using in their daily lives- giving these eco-fabulous threads a dual purpose: fitness and lifestyle wear.

Spring Eco-Chic Styles:

Hyde Yoga provides an insight to what’s hot on you this spring.
“I live in yoga clothes, but I want to feel "put-together" -  another way that we can be conscious/thoughtful is by paying attention to the way we present ourselves to the world,” says founding owner, Anne Kerr Kennedy. “Our mission is to provide comfortable, stylish, considered clothing. Pieces that make you feel comfortable, that feel natural against your skin, and remind you to be in your body, in the moment.”
Hyde sources their organic cotton from Turkey to create their conscious clothing.
Tereza Scharf of Oxum Wear weaves her Brazilian sensibility into the styles she creates- sleek silhouettes that move well with the natural contours of a female body.

What’s hot this Spring?

Colors: Vibrant colors that reflect the changing nature of Spring - lots of purples, pinks, soft blues, green, and natural light earth tones are great as we move into the season. Think tulips, lilies and cherry blossoms, blended with neutrals to create a look that references the ambient landscape.

The sun is warmer so now’s the time to sport halter, tanks, and racerbacks.

Slim-fitting cropped pants with light flare, three quarter length tights. Patterned stitching is big this season.

Whether you are in downward facing dog or walking down the street, be mindful of what you’re wearing - keep it green.

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