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Leaf and Foliage Disposal – Washington D.C.

The Department of Public Works collects yard waste from homes and buildings that receive municipal trash collection services. The DPW also provides seasonal leaf and Christmas tree collection. Alternatively, get some information from's guide to composting and tips on turning your leaves into natural fertilizer. Here are some helpful tips for disposing of your yard waste in D.C.:

  • Yard waste consists of bagged leaves, grass clippings, weeds, bulbs, twigs, pine cones, uprooted plants, and bundles of branches and limbs tied into four-foot lengths.

  • Bags and bundles have a 60 pound limit.

  • Leave your yard waste with your trash on your usual trash collection days.

  • For seasonal leaf collection, rake leaves into a pile in the tree box space. Track collection in your neighborhood here.

You may also dispose of yard waste at the Fort Totten Transfer Station, free of charge.

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