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Gifts, Accessories, and Baby Products:
Global Exchange Fair Trade Store in partnership with: greenopia
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Gifts, Accessories, and Baby Products
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Coffee, tea, books, clothing, toys, games, jewelry, home and garden, bath and body, stationery, musical instruments. All items imported, fair trade. Non-profit.
2840 College Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94705
Hours of Operation:
Hours vary by location
Global Exchange Fair Trade Store
reviews (13) provided by : Yelp
Rinky N.
Global Exchange has got to be one of the most COLORFUL shops ever. It is smallish but filled to the rafters with international fair trade and sweatshop...
Johanna O.
I always feel so guilt-ridden when I go into these stores. I have no problem flouncing into a department store and dropping a hundred dollars on an item...
Tiffany K.
You know why this place costs more than Cost Plus? Because the people who make the stuff here get paid a fair wage. I value that in a business and make a...
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