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Battery Disposal – San Francisco

Battery disposal requires special care because of the different kinds of toxins batteries contain. In San Francisco it is illegal to put your old batteries in the trash. Instead, put any loose batteries into a clear, plastic bag and place on top of your black cart and set it out on your collection day. If you do not have curbside service, see the list of resources below.

San Francisco Resources for Battery Disposal

  • You can drop off old batteries at all Walgreen's and many other locations around the city.

  • To read more about drop off locations and what happens to your batteries once you do get rid of them, visit the SF Recycling and Disposal website.

  • If you have any lead acid, wet-cell, or automotive batteries to dispose of, try using to find a recycling location near you.

Other Resources

  • For batteries that are too large to be recycled as rechargeables, try one of these manufacturer-take-back programs:

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