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Bulk Item Disposal – New York City

To dispose of your large bulk items such as furniture and appliances you should stay informed about local NYC regulations. Most of the items can be picked up at the curb with the rest of your recyclables, but read the guidelines below to learn more.

New York Resources for Bulk Item Disposal

  • Place large, bulk items beside your recycling container on your regular recycling day (click here to find out what day your recycling is picked up).

  • The Department of Sanitation will collect up to six bulk items from one address.

  • You can not discard appliances with CFC gas or Freon (such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners or dehumidifiers) before first scheduling an appointment to place them at the curb for CFC recovery. Call 311 or click here to make an appointment.

  • Items that cannot be recycled must be placed at the curb on any regular garbage collection day (click here to find out what day your garbage is collected).

  • Items must be placed on the curb between 5pm (4pm on Fridays) and midnight the night before your regular garbage collection day (October to April).

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