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Battery Disposal – Los Angeles

Battery disposal requires special care because of the different kinds of toxins batteries contain. Recycle your batteries through Los Angeles' household battery recycling program. Most household batteries including alkaline, rechargeable, lithium (typically found in cameras) and button type (found in watches or other small electronic devices), are accepted by this program. Wet cell batteries, like car batteries, are not accepted for recycling through this program.

Local L.A. Organizations that Accept Batteries for Recycling

  • Los Angeles has S.A.F.E. Centers that accept waste such as batteries and other items for recycling and disposal. Click here to find the center closest to you.

  • For those areas that are not served by S.A.F.E. Centers, the City of Los Angeles holds mobile Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events. To participate in these events, bring your hazardous waste (no more than 15 gallons or 125 pounds) in its original, leak-proof container to the event site. Click here to view the schedule of upcoming events.

Resources for Battery Disposal

All retailers that sell lead-acid batteries must accept up to two per month per person for recycling free of charge.

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