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Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal – Boston

When fluorescent lamps and light bulbs are broken, especially due to improper disposal, they release mercury into the atmosphere. By contacting a collection service or pre-paid shipping service, you can ensure that your light bulbs and lamps are safely recycled. You can also prevent the need to dispose of these light bulbs in the first place by purchasing long-life or low-mercury fluorescents, labeled by a "green tip" or green-colored aluminum end. Click here for more information on CFL disposal, or see the helpful guidelines below.

Boston Light Bulb Recycling Resources

  • Bring your CFLs to a participating ACE Hardware store in your area and the store will dispose of your light bulb safely.

  • Various Whole Foods Markets in the Boston area accept old CFLs for recycling. Click here to read about the Cambridge Whole Food's recycling efforts.

  • Dorchester's National Wholesale Liquidators will take your old fluorescent bulbs and recycle them.

  • See Earth 911 for more resources about recycling light bulbs and other items.

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