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The mission of the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) is to work in partnership with indigenous people to conserve biodiversity, improve human health and fortify traditional culture in greater Amazonia.

ACT achieves its conservation successes by working in true partnership with indigenous peoples of the Amazon to protect both their cultures and their ancestral lands-some of the largest tracts of both pristine and sustainably managed rainforest on the planet. Their work begins in the forest­with the people who actually live there­and then expands to the state, national, regional and international level.

ACT Successes and Projects

Indigenous-Driven Land Protection:

ACT began an indigenous park guard training course in the northeast Amazon in order to train the local population how to better protect land. Through 2009, about 120 indigenous guards and 150 non-indigenous guards have been trained.

Sustainable Development:

ACT works with indigenous people to develop sustainable agricultural practices in the Amazon. This way, people can meet their livelihoods in a way that is consistent with the goal of conservation and sustainability.

Women's Programs:

ACT helped to create and continues to sponsor the first network of female shamans ever to work in the northwest Amazon. Through this program, these Colombian women are becoming conservation leaders in their communities.

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