Jeff and Anurag have been friends for many years. Over this time, Anurag has had the good fortune of spending time with Jeff while he was filming, making public appearances from late night television to speeches and hanging out at his home in Massachusetts, USA.

Through all these experiences, a recurring theme which started to emerge was the strong connection that people found to Jeff's world through his work and ability to shrink the world for someone through his experiences. It was as if people were looking for an expression to their emotion and need to want to connect with wildlife, conservation and all things earth friendly in a way they could relate to.

We decided to create Jeffcorwinconnect with a goal to connect you to your planet through eco-edutainment (education through entertainment).

Our mission is to build a community of you for you. We want to connect you with global resources and stories and learn about the amazing work being done everyday in doing what's best for our planet and its entire species. We want to help you make better choices to live in an earth-friendly lifestyle and re-establish your connection with the coolest 'reality show' out there called 'nature'. We also want to hear your stories of how you have been able to and continue to connect with our planet and its many wonders. We want you to feel connected to the planet and become global citizens while having fun and knowing that you belong to an engaged and interactive community.

We look forward to going on this exciting and adventurous journey with you and to getting to know you.


Our Mission

Global Citizenship

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