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Tire Disposal and Reuse

Every year roughly 290 million automobile and truck tires are discarded in the United States, making the proper disposal of them extremely important. Businesses that sell or install tires must take back tires of the same size they sell - the fee for collecting old tires is included in the price of new ones. Thus, you already pay to recycle your old tires every time you buy new ones.

Certain states have laws regarding tire disposal, so be sure to check with your local environmental department.

Often times, instead of throwing out your old tires you can try to reuse them first. Used tires can be a helpful planter mold in the garden, or broken down can help fill a playground floor. Getting creative or donating your old tires to local companies that are thinking outside the box will help keep the millions of retired tires every year out of the waste stream.

City-Specific Guidelines for the Reuse of Tires

Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City



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