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Leaf and Foliage Disposal

Leaf and foliage waste does not go with your regular curbside garbage pick-up, but some cities offer a separate, seasonal service. Look for your city below, or check your municipal website, to learn more about your city's specific leaf and foliage policies.

If your city doesn't offer curbside pickup (or even if it does) there is an easier and better alternative for your leaves- turning them into mulch. Instead of raking and bagging leaves, simply mow over your leaf covered lawn. By shredding the leaves into smaller and less suffocating pieces of organic matter, you'll help your lawn's health over the winter.

If you don't like the sight of a leaf covered lawn, you may also compost the leaves. Composting your leaves in the fall can create nutrient rich soil for planting in the spring. Learn more about composting at's guide to composting and find tips on turning your leaves into natural fertilizer.

City-Specific Guidelines for Leaf and Foliage Disposal

Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C.

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