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Reuse your Goods by Giving Them Away
By Yvonne Jeffery, Liz Barclay, Michael Grosvenor
Giving things away may appeal to your green nature more than selling your unwanted items. In terms of being green, offering your used goods to another person reduces waste and fits in with the idea of reusing as much as possible. Try charitable and nonprofit organizations, private waste collectors, scrap metal dealers, friends, family, and work colleagues.

Contributing to Sweet Charity

If you're interested in giving things away to people who have more need for them than you do, you can donate just about anything.

Make sure that anything you give is in good condition, usable, and clean and that won't create a problem for the person receiving it. Too many people dump unwanted, dirty, or broken items on the doorsteps of charitable organizations, thus also dumping the expense of disposing of the items.

Following are a few organizations that accept household or clothing items:

  • Habitat for Humanity ( accepts tools, building materials, furniture, and appliances in good working order, either for use in homes being built or for resale to the public in order to help raise funds. The organization also accepts vehicle donations!

  • Lion's Clubs International ( conducts eyeglass recycling, collecting used eyeglasses at a number of eyewear chain stores and redistributing them in developing countries.

  • Nike Re-Use a Shoe ( collects worn-out athletic shoes of any brand and processes them into material that's used for sports surfaces, such as playgrounds for youth around the world.

  • The Salvation Army ( operates local centers that accept household and clothing items for resale.

  • Goodwill Industries International ( has local stores that welcome donations of clothing and household items for resale.

  • Hands Across the Water ( collects unwanted books and sends them to schools and libraries that need them around the world.

Facilities such as hospitals, libraries, senior and rehabilitation centers, daycares, homeless shelters, and churches in your area may be able to use various items that you're ready to donate. Search online or check the phone book under "recycling" or "charitable organizations" to find them. Contact each organization to find out what it really wants and to make sure that it can handle the items that you have to offer. Some may even offer to pick up your items. more



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