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Keeping Electronics Dust Free
By Elizabeth B. Goldsmith PhD, Betsy Sheldon
Dust is a detriment to electronics: just look what happens when you get a bit stuck on a DVD or CD. When cleaning your living room, you can dust electronics the same as you dust other furniture and items. But leave out the fluid cleaners or water.

Most electronics cleaners - including computer monitor sprays and DVD cleaners - contain elements that you'd prefer not to spray in your home if you're concerned about indoor air quality. Problem is, you don't have many options for cleaning stuck-on gunk.

Start with a purpose-designed microfiber or other cloth. You can find these in office-supply and electronics stores. Sometimes a good rub-down does the trick. If not, you may have to resort to the cleaner. To reduce your environmental impact, try to use a spray product with a reusable cloth rather than the disposable, single-use wipes.

Here are some more tips for cleaning electronic equipment:

  • Turn off computer and TV monitors before cleaning.

  • Avoid using water or excess liquid cleaner on electronics.

  • Gently brush away loose dust before wiping a monitor to scrub off gunk, lest you scratch the screen by scrubbing in a hard piece of dirt.

  • Clean LCD monitors with more care than glass-fronted CRT monitors. They can be scratched or damaged more easily. Use a soft cloth and, if necessary, a spray formulated for LCD monitors.

  • Unless otherwise advised by the manufacturer, gentle green solutions, such as vinegar and water, are probably fine for most electronics.

  • Most cleaning products recommended by manufacturers aren't likely to be green. Some even come in aerosol cans. But unless you can verify that another cleaning solution can be substituted, it may be best to stick to the recommendation.

  • Computer keyboards seem to collect a lot of crumbs: While the computer is off, turn the keyboard over and shake the loose debris. An old toothbrush or a cleaned and dried old mascara wand gets between the keys to remove whatever hasn't shaken out.



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