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Nuts, seeds, beans and grains
Nuts. Seeds. Beans. Grains. They often get an unfair rap. Nuts are too high in fact. Beans cause flatulence. Grains are a carb.

The truth is, all of these foods are health-promoting in moderation. They also are essential to gourmet cooking. When used in butters, dressings, oils and sauces, nuts liven up everything from salads to pot roasts. Similarly, seed-based oils like sunflower, safflower, sesame and grapeseed each add distinctive flavor. And let's not forget that beans are protein-rich superfoods while high-fiber whole grains form the base for everything from bread to pasta to rice.

Conventional farming has increasingly gone the route of bioengineering and pesticides when it comes to these food groups. Choosing organic means your nuts, seeds, beans and grains contain no insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers or genetic modifications. Unlike conventional farming, which depletes the soil, organic farming improves the soil and even builds topsoil through the composting of farm waste.

Our complete guides cover everything from what to look for when you select almonds or navy beans to their potential uses. Explore both familiar and exotic ingredients and learn more about their nutritional qualities, varieties and seasonality. Debunk the myths and get the practical information you need to know!



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