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Is Too Much Fruit Harmful? - from ecomii
Learn how fruit can be healthy, but there are healthy and unhealthy ways to consume it.
Organic Livestock
Learn the basics, advantages, and disadvantages of organic livestock farming.
Growing Your Own Garden
Learn how to start your own garden using organic methods and why it is beneficial for the environment.
Buying Fish
Learn what to consider and look for when buying fish at your local markets.
Local Farm Products
Learn why it is important to eat locally grown food and support your farmers’ market.
Buying Locally
Learn the basics of reducing your “foodprint” and discover what “local” really means and why it is important to buy products that have been grown in your area.
Fairtrade Foods
Learn what fair-trade food is, why it is beneficial, and where you can buy it.
Vegetarian = Green?
Learn how to pursue a green eating strategy without limiting yourself to a vegetarian diet and discover ways to reduce your “foodprint.”
Failsafe Ways to Buy Local
Sometimes food labels are unclear or don’t have enough information. Learn some tips for making sure you make the greenest food choices all the time.
Finding Organic on Labels
Learn about the USDA’s terminology on organic food labels and what you can deduce from the labels on food you buy and eat.
Reading Food Labels
Learn what to look for on labels and what the producer is actually telling you about the food you are buying. Discover why it is important to be conscious of buying locally and organically.
Recognizing GM Foods
Learn how to recognize genetically modified foods and the products that are increasingly subject to GM.
Genetic Modification
Learn how to recognize genetically modified foods and discover the effects of genetically modified products
Selecting Food Sources
Learn the basics of reducing your “foodprint” and discover the advantages and disadvantages of fair-trade foods and buying locally.
Eating Green
Learn what “organic” really means and how to avoid digesting chemicals and unnecessary medicines.
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