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Editorial Policy

“Knowledge and human power are synonymous, since the ignorance of the cause frustrates the effect.”
Francis Bacon

ecomii™  serves to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle and create a healthier planet. We aim to empower socially conscious people to make small lifestyle changes that will, in turn, create significant environmental impact. We believe that by educating and informing others, change will follow.  

ecomii believes in the concept of my impact, my influence.  We harness the power of each individual to change the world through collective action. is a trusted source to turn to for how to live a more socially-minded lifestyle, as well as a social network for engaging likeminded people in the pursuit of a sustainable future. 

Editorial Integrity 

As part of our commitment to credibility, we ensure all information on is objective, factual and verified.  Content is written by or sourced from qualified experts in the green lifestyle category, and all claims and statistics are backed up by authoritative references. 

We believe it is our duty to go “beyond the blog” and provide a comprehensive resource for making informed environmental choices.  As part of this, we feature relevant news, information, and resources from noted experts in their respective fields. We thoroughly vet our contributing journalists and affirm that we hold their content to the same standards of accuracy, fairness and transparency as we do with all information presented on the site.

  • is an independent resource. We maintain a strict policy of editorial independence. All facts and sources are independently compiled and vetted to ensure our integrity.  We are not a subsidiary, employee or agent of any product manufacturer or parent company. 
  • The information on is strictly non-partisan. We have no political affiliations or biases and maintain a strict division between editorial content and advertising or sponsorships.  We welcome sponsorships with the strict provision that sponsors will in no way influence the truthful and candid presentation of the facts about particular types of products, services and technologies.  
  • Complete transparency is given with our advertising or sponsored sections. This is critical to us; in order for visitors to fully understand which areas are sponsored, all sponsor content is clearly labeled and delineated from editorial content.
  • We present the facts and offer opinions on the best environmental lifestyle choices. Our goal is to combine solid research, factual information and expert opinion in a clear, accessible format—all completely free of commercial bias.  For instance, while hybrid cars can significantly help offset human contribution to global warming, we will not hesitate to present information that is critical of them or any other particular product, service or technology. 

Licensed Content 

To be the most comprehensive resource for green living, we have identified and licensed third-party content from other trusted and authoritative sources.  We employ the same strict review approval process for third-party content as we do for original ecomii content. 

Our Commitment to You 

It’s paramount that we present you with information you find credible, relevant and useful at Throughout the site, we are committed to the following goals: 

  • Feature substantiated facts about the impact of your actions on the environment. 
  • Be brief and engaging so you can find and grasp the information you need quickly. 
  • Offer information of high relevance to you so you can make informed decisions about everyday practices. 
  • Present actionable information to help you identify the steps towards sustainability that best suit your lifestyle. 
  • Use authoritative sources, including noted experts, to provide you with the best and most reliable information.
  • Verify information by fact-checking with the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), qualified experts, peer-reviewed research and other government or reputable sources. 
  • Be transparent by clearly identifying which areas of the site are presented from published sources or sponsored by advertisers.

Ratings for ecomii Tips and Goals 

ecomii rates our tips and goals by difficulty as well as their impact on the planet, your health and your financial savings.  These ratings are based on the judgment and opinions of our editorial staff, not on a strict scientific formula.  Our intention is to create a fun, helpful filter that makes it easier to find the tips and goals that are most relevant to you.  We understand that your personal interests and individual motivation level are key factors, which is why we present our tips and goals in this context.