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Wildfires are "unwanted and unplanned" fires that burn through millions of acres of land in the U.S. each year. They occur anywhere, from forests  to grasslands, and are caused by both natural and human elements. While natural events like lightening can cause wildfires, nine out of ten are caused by humans. -
Wildfires have become more of a problem in the U.S. in recent years because of an increase in dry and hot weather in addition to more a more general change in weather patterns. Wildfires are also increasing because of the growing number of communities that are being built around forested areas. As more humans interact with the delicate natural world, they often unintentionally but carelessly set fires that can wipe out millions of acres of land. We can inadvertently cause forest fires when using a barbecue, starting a campfire, or smoking a cigarette. Since many wildfires occur due to human causes, they often burn in very populated areas. This puts people at risk of losing their homes, their land, or even their lives.   

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