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Waste Management
Waste management is the practice of collecting and disposing of the waste produced by human activities. For example, when a person buys a product and then disposes of its plastic packaging, that packaging becomes waste. Once waste is introduced into an environment, it can produce many harmful effects, such as the spread of disease.
Waste management is vital to the healthy functioning of a society. Throughout history, sanitation issues have been to blame for disease outbreaks and epidemics in most populated regions of the world. Improper waste management has negative affects on individual health, and similarly it also negatively impacts environmental health. Positive waste management systems, however, can prevent the negative impacts waste has on the environment.  Recycling, or reusing materials that have already been used once, is an environmentally friendly way of utilizing waste. Using the gas that decomposing organic materials give off in landfills as a source of energy is another possible way for waste management to function in a green way.

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