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Renewable Energy
Renewable energy uses clean and sustainable resources such as the movement of wind and water, heat and light from the sun, heat in the ground, and the carbohydrates in plants, in order to produce energy.
Renewable energy is extremely important to the environment and to the economy. Renewable energies currently make up only a small percentage of the world's overall energy production. Our economy is based on "dirty" energy like coal and oil, so when we use energy we add carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In addition, there is not enough supply of "dirty" energy to sustain the Earth's population at its current growth rate. Renewable energy technology has to be improved and developed before it can  produce enough energy to equal our current energy use. One way to support clean energy, which can increase our energy security and create local jobs, is to encourage the government and corporations to invest in the development of renewable technology.

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