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Recycling refers to any practice that involves the reuse of a material. Usually, it involves the creation of new products from old or used raw materials. Recycling not only saves virgin materials from being drawn from the earth, but its processing also saves energy (more than 90% for aluminum) over that of new materials. Aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic are among the most recycled materials, but anything from batteries to computers to textiles is recyclable, and can provide benefits over disposal.

Recycling the materials you use is one of the most important ways you can live a healthier and more sustainable life. Today, most cities and towns have full recycling facilities for multiple materials, and groups everywhere exist to promote recycling. But recycling isn’t limited to putting cans and bottles in a separate bag. Think about techniques you can employ in your own home, like saving used printer paper for scratch paper, or buying fewer individually packaged products. Try to be conscious of what you throw away—if you think it can be recycled, it probably can.

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