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Peak Oil
There is a limited amount of oil that we can extract from the Earth. Peak oil refers to the point at which the supply of that oil is at its limit. After this point, oil supply will begin to decline. Economists have a variety of predictions as to when peak oil will occur. Some say the peak will be reached in the next ten to twenty years, while others argue it has already passed.
If the supply of oil the Earth yields begins to decline before we have developed enough renewable, sustainable energy technologies to replace it, an energy crisis will occur. This is not only an environmental issue, but it is also a security issue and an economic issue. Because every country in the world requires energy, once the supply of oil begins to decline, the countries will fight over who gets access to that oil. Even more importantly, the remaining oil will be monopolized by only a few countries. Oil affects our safety, our economy, and our environment. Two ways for every individual and group to avoid its dangerous effects are to be more energy efficient and to encourage the development of renewable energy technology.

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