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No Antibiotics Added

Dairy and beef cattle, as well as chickens, are often fed antibiotics regularly for disease prevention and weight gain, a practice that contributes to antibiotic resistance. Overuse of antibiotics can create antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, rendering many of our antibiotics ineffective in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Learn more about antibiotic resistance.

To avoid meat and poultry products that have been raised with antibiotics, look for the claims, No Antibiotics Administered, No Antibiotics Added and Raised without Antibiotics. In order to make this claim, food producers must meet with USDA guidelines for meat and poultry. If an animal becomes sick, it will be removed from the other animals and treated on its own. The meat from this animal will not be sold with the No Antibiotics Administered, No Antibiotics Added and Raised without Antibiotics label.

Producers must submit documentation proving the claim is truthful, however, there is no verification system in place so it is possible for producers to use the claim incorrectly.

These labels are only defined for beef and poultry and are not regulated or defined on dairy products. For dairy products without antibiotics, buy organic. No animals used for organic meat or dairy production can be given antibiotics in their lifetime.

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