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The term localvore describes someone who adheres to a local diet. A localvore only eats food grown within a specific nearby area, buying fresh, usually organic produce directly from farmers and small markets. Localvores often enjoy relationships with local farmers, whose presence is essential to the ecological diversity and sustainability of the region, and their avoidance of large-scale farms and transportation costs reduces the carbon impact of their eating.

Consider being a localvore—start with one meal each week or month composed of only local ingredients. Or, join with some friends and try local eating for a period of time. In many cities, groups have sprung up dedicated to the idea of eating locally. Define your own local area and determine exactly what kind of seasonal produce you can find.  Don’t worry if you can’t find everything—being a localvore is about doing the best you can to support the your health, your region, and the environment, so if you need to, venture to outside sources for items like coffee or exotic fruit. Of course, the easiest way to be a localvore is to grow your own food in your garden or backyard. Whether you become a localvore or not, stay aware of your local resources; you will be amazed at the quality and selection you can find in your area.

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