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The term hybrid refers to any engine that runs off of two power sources. Most often, it is used for HEVs (hybrid electric vehicles), which are cars that use gasoline- and electric-powered engines. These engines use gasoline power for high speeds and electric power for low speeds; the gasoline power charges the electric component during use, and thus hybrids do not require charging (like full electric cars). Hybrid technology does not provide as much acceleration as internal combustion technology, but hybrids do have the full range of gas-powered vehicles. Hybrid cars use about half the gas of traditional cars, both reducing emissions and increasing mpg.

If you're in the market for a new car, consider a hybrid. Hybrids are offered in increasingly greater numbers and across more models, and car manufacturers are developing even more. While hybrids cost an average of $4,000 more than a conventional vehicle, your savings on fuel will most likely exceed that over the car's lifetime. Furthermore, tax rebates are often available for hybrid purchasers. Just remember to do your research and compare fuel economy ratings and pollution scores for different vehicles before making a decision.

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