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Heirloom Seeds
The term heirloom seeds refers to any of a variety of seeds that come from plants that were grown historically but have not been used in modern agriculture on a large scale. Any plant, whether potato or tomato can have heirloom varieties, which vary in appearance and taste from the commonly known, mass-produced versions sold in most stores. Heirloom seeds also preserve traditional and different strains of various plants. People grow heirlooms for a number of reasons, ranging from their often-unique flavors to their historical and genetic significance.

Check your local market or area farm stands for heirloom fruits and vegetables (tomatoes are very popular and widely available). Or look online or at a nursery and try growing some heirloom varieties in your own garden. Also, heirloom varieties are not limited to plants—just as thousands of varieties of plants have gone extinct from industry efforts at uniformity, so have hundreds of heritage livestock breeds ceased to exist. Keep an eye open for heirloom and heritage crops and breeds, as they are a great way to preserve regional life while experiencing new and exciting foods.

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