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Heat Waves
Heat waves are prolonged periods of abnormal and extremely high temperatures. A region experiences a heat wave when the temperatures are much higher than the norm in that area. They usually last a few days or a few weeks and can be deadly for the elderly, the very young, the sick, and those without access to air conditioning - one severe heat wave can kill hundreds of people. Often, heat waves are accompanied by droughts.
Heat waves have become more deadly in recent years, which is believed to be a result of global warming. The average temperature of the Earth has been increasing at an above-normal rate for the last fifty years, and it is continuing to increase. Even a small rise in overall temperature can cause much warmer days, months and years. As the number of hot days in a particular region accumulates, there is a greater likelihood of harsh heat waves. Many scientists agree that the increasing number of heat waves the world has experienced in recent years is an early warning sign of climate change.

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