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Growing Season
Growing season refers to the period of time in which crops can be grown. The growing season varies with location and crop, but typically corresponds to the late spring and summer months. Foods consumed in season not only taste better, but they also allow you to buy locally, thus helping to eliminate the cost and carbon impact of buying fruit and vegetables transported from far away.

Buying produce during its growing season is as easy as consulting a chart. By visiting ecomii’s Smart Food section or a state Department of Agriculture and Markets website, for example, a New Yorker can learn that the best way to satisfy a fruit craving while staying in season would be to eat apples in the winter and early spring; berries, melons and peaches in the summer; and plums and pears in the fall. Growing seasons, just like native crops, differ from place to place, and many crops only grow in certain climates. But remember to look for in-season local produce, and to buy directly from farmers when possible—that way you can be sure that what you’re getting is fresh and in season.

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