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Green Collar Economy
The Green Collar Economy refers to the anticipated creation of millions of jobs as a result of the development of clean, renewable energy technologies. There are hopes that the quest for renewable energy sources will boost the economy, much like the development of the Internet did in the 1990s. The manpower needed in research, technological development, and manufacturing to spread the use of renewable energy sources is predicted to create over three million jobs of varying skill levels. Green jobs ideally will pay decent enough wages to sustain a family, enable workers to be upwardly mobile, and reduce waste and pollution while helping the environment.

Discussion of the Green Collar Economy has been a favorite topic for political candidates. The Green Jobs Act of 2007 provided for funds to train new green collar workers. Not only does the Green Collar Economy provide the opportunity for upward mobility amongst blue collar workers, it also could replenish dwindling middle class jobs.

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