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Global Warming
Global warming, an increase in the Earth's overall temperature, is already having a dramatic effect on the Earth. It is caused by the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which stay in our atmosphere for years and trap heat. A low level of these gases exists naturally in our atmosphere - they are what make a "greenhouse" out of the Earth and what make it a habitable planet. However, global warming is taking place because there are too many greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This imbalance is due to human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.
Currently, the most dramatic effects of global warming can be seen in the Earth's Arctic region. Here, the ice that covers our northern pole, known as a polar ice cap, is melting at an alarming rate. As the polar ice cap melts, sea levels all over the Earth are rising. This not only threatens aquatic ecosystems, but it also threatens human life. As sea levels rise, coasts are being eroded. If this trend continues, global warming could lead to the destruction of coastlines around the world. Additionally, while the oceans are being heated up due to global warming, they are being cooled down as well due to the Arctic water that is flooding them. These new temperature fluctuations could lead to consequences like more intense hurricanes and monsoons.

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