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Freecycle is a non-profit organization that creates online forums for the exchange of goods in an effort to keep reusable goods out of landfills. The website was started in 2003, when founder Deron Beal sent out an e-mail to between 30 and 40 friends and nonprofit organizations announcing the establishment of the network. Freecycle organizes its members into local communities, where members can contact one another to offer and receive goods. The goods exchanged are “gifts” to other members—members cannot charge for the items.

To sign up for Freecycle, go to and sign up for a free membership. The membership will give you access to the Freecycle community, where you can choose your own networks and groups to join. Finally, there is a “feel good” reason to clean the junk out of your house.  Give the gift of giving—your trash might be another person’s treasure.

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