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Flexitarian Diet
The flexitarian diet is a modified vegetarian diet that includes the occasional consumption of meat. Flexitarians might eat meat on a formal basis for nutritional purposes, or more loosely for occasional enjoyment or special occasions. In 2003 the American Dialect Society chose “flexitarian” as the most useful word of the year, indicating the growth of this group. Flexitarianism is noted for both its health and environmental benefits.

Many flexitarians devote a certain number of meals per week to vegetarian food. Try starting with one vegetarian meal each week on a consistent basis.  Remember that it takes around four pounds of grain to produce one pound of meat, so every way you can limit meat consumption is helpful to the environment. Remember, too, that flexitarianism is precisely that—flexible. Whatever works for you to help stay healthy and reduce your impact on the environment is a positive thing, regardless of the extent to which you perform it.

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