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The term “downshifting” refers to voluntarily simplifying one’s life. Typically, downshifting involves trying to lead a more environmentally sustainable life and lessening one’s carbon footprint, but they are not requirements. Through downshifting people strive for a more balanced, appreciative, and healthy life. Less time spent at work or in stores means more time for family, friends, community service and self-reflection. Reasons for downshifting vary; some may want to simply get away from a stressful career, while others may wish to become more environmentally responsible.

Leading a simplified life is not the same for everyone, but all “downshifters” attempt to decrease their dependence on certain things, be it money, material goods, high-end jobs or elaborate homes. To start downshifting, you can try and eat more organic foods, cut down on overtime at your job, switch careers and focus on not-for-profit companies, move into a smaller home, support environmentally conscious stores, or use a bicycle instead of a car. Downshifting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make conscientious decisions to cut back on everything, but it does require a shift in your overall mindset. Realizing you don’t need certain things will help simplify your existence and hopefully allow you to lead a less stressful and more fulfilling life. Be sure to check out the ecomii tips for ideas to start downshifting today.

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