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Demeter Biodynamic Certification

Demeter Biodynamic Certification is currently the only certification for biodynamic agriculture in the United States. Biodynamic farms use a holistic approach to farming, and use organic and other sustainable farming practices to work with natural cycles and conditions.

The certification requires farms to meet the same 3-year transition requirement that the USDA's National Organic Program requires of organic farms, meaning they must practice biodynamic farming for three consecutive years before being allowed to label their products "biodynamic". Like the Organic Program, biodynamic farms do not use synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, animal by-products, or genetic engineering.

Biodynamic farms also work to align natural forces present in an agricultural system, such as sunlight, climate, and wildlife, to create food and sustain the farm. The farms try to avoid using imported materials, such as petroleum, and instead use materials from the farm itself. They use traditional farming methods such as cover-cropping, crop rotation, and mixed-use farming to ensure sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Biodynamic farms produce fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat and poultry. There are also many biodynamic vineyards that make biodynamic wines.

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