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Compost is a mixture of organic matter that is commonly used for fertilizer. Compost is produced by a process in which bacteria in soil decomposes the matter (leaves, grass, vegetable and fruit scraps) into an organic fertilizer. A replacement for chemical fertilizers that strip nutrients from the soil, compost instead enriches soil with its nutrients. Additionally, compost allows the soil to retain more moisture, making erosion less likely. Composting is also an effective way to reduce waste and recycle organic matter. On a large scale, composting can be a possible alternative to landfill. The 1999 European Landfill Directive pushed European states to reduce landfill by creating compost out of organic matter.  

If you have space, time, and resources, you can make your own compost from yard trimmings and scraps from the kitchen.  Another perk to making your own fertilizer: It’s free! If you don’t have the time or energy to create your own compost, you can buy commercial compost from local sources or even mainstream home improvement stores.

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