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Compassionately Raised Meats and Poultry
Meats and poultry that are compassionately raised fall under the standards of certain approval programs that ensure the treatment of the animals prior to consumption to be in accordance with humane principles. These programs, such as American Humane and Animal Welfare Approved, certify that producers allow their livestock to move freely, have access to food and water, be free from discomfort and disease, and live naturally. They support small farms and arose in opposition to the crowding and filth of massive, indoor factory farms. Compassionately raised meats and poultry are not necessarily organic, though the two often coincide.

Some organic and natural food providers, such as the national Whole Foods chain, are beginning to set standards for themselves with regard to the compassionate treatment of livestock and poultry. Just as you look for healthy and sustainable options for yourself when purchasing food, keep an eye out for humane treatment certification. Though a comprehensive certification system is not yet in place, by helping these producers grow you can help ensure that their methods spread to other farms and into more homes.

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