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Biodiesel refers to a type of alternative fuel. Biodiesel fuel is derived from vegetable oils and animal fats, unlike standard diesel fuel, which is derived from petroleum. Like standard diesel, however, biodiesel provides better fuel economy and less pollution and carbon dioxide than gasoline; biodiesel is also more energy efficient than ethanol fuel. Biodiesel is usually mixed with regular diesel, in blends such as B5 (up to 5% biodiesel) and B20 (up to 20%); most standard diesel vehicles can operate on B2 or B5 without requiring engine conversions. Biodiesel is considered a potential alternative to gasoline and is being offered at an increasing number of locations.

If you currently drive a diesel-powered vehicle, consider filling up with a biodiesel blend. Remember to check your warrantee or call your manufacturer to make sure that you don’t exceed your car or truck’s biodiesel limit, as this can cause engine damage. Though most diesel vehicles are large trucks, many car companies are currently developing more diesel and biodiesel offerings. Remember, like hybrid technology, biodiesel technology is still developing and growing, and may be one of many future sources of renewable energy.

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