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Electric cars will catch on and become the number 1 type of car sold in 10 years
FierceInvalid disagreed 3514 Days ago
No Way. in 10 years we'll still be drinking gasoline by the billions of barrels. Our addiction is way too established to break in a mere 10 years. There will certainly be MORE electric cars than there are now, perhaps a significant number, but there will still be plenty of gas guzzling holdovers from the glory years of internal combustion.
Meredith F disagreed 3505 Days ago
Electric cars will catch on...but there's no way they'll be the number 1 type of car sold - americans are too against change for the change over to electric cars to occur that quickly.
witsend disagreed 3213 Days ago
I hope not! Where do you suppose the electricity comes from?
Arrwyn disagreed 3180 Days ago
Electric cars or even hybrids still put a huge drain on the ecosystem. All electric vehicles carry hazardous material in the batteries, and they are plugged into the grid along with the rest of your house. I honestly believe and hope that some other clean, renewable energy will be brought to the fore and also will be so cost efficient that the country will "jump" to get the new transportation. Something like cold fusion.
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