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Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs): A Cheap Green Way to Zip Around Town

By Ted Nelson


This is a class of electric vehicles (EVs) defined by low maximum speeds: 20 to 25 mph. These cars are street legal, but only on roads with speed limits up to 35-45 mph in most states.

As their name suggests, these cars are perfect for cruising around the neighborhood.

If most of your driving destinations are close by, an NEV is a cheaper alternative to your car for getting around town. Beach communities and resorts have been quick to embrace NEVs as a transport option.

NEVs are also a cheap, low environmental impact mode of transportation on large complexes such as military installations, college campuses, industrial parks, movie sets, and harbors.

The military is employing 4,000 NEVs at bases around the world. The program, marketed with the slogan "Army Green, Army Strong," will cut both spending and emissions. The NEVs will start at just over $1,000 and cost about $400 a year to operate, compared to $2,400 a year in gasoline for traditional vehicles.

Top NEV Manufacturers:

Global Electric Motorcars (GEM)

EZ-Go (subsidiary of Textron)

ZENN Motor Company

Columbia ParCar




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